Contact & Meet Me

I would be happy to talk to you if you need my assistance. I am especially interested in computer science in the high school, and developing web applications. Though I have limited time due to my teaching, I am always looking for opportunities to build relationships.

As a lifelong geek I enthusiastically share my passion, energy and expertise about programming and computers. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a kid "get it". I've served as a senior leader in educational technology, and worked for many years in educational technology. What really floats my boat is teaching and coding.

The very best way to learn computer science is to solve authentic problems at the right level of challenge. There is a joy in solving hard problems. My students have said my classes are "difficult and fun"; this is my pedagogical target-space. The best way we can spend time is class is to clarify a concept and then practice the concept. Much learning can be done outside of the classroom. The best assessment reflects authentic engagement with problems; this type of assessment doesn't end with a 1 to a 7, but rather a nuanced view to what extent a student understands computer science. I like nuance.

I've served in numerous leadership roles in numerous spaces. I'm honored to be an active member of the curriculum review committee for IB computer science. I am the 11th grade team leader, I serve as the chair for part of our IB re-accreditation (part A) and I am actively involved in my school. I designed and run the computational gardening club, dungeons and dragons club and the "just code" computer club. I have tried and failed many times to create a winter-time sustainable garden for our school using solar power and LED grow lights (but I'm still trying). I am actively involved in a dynamic and growing design department.

I am a web-application developer, specializing in creating customized web-based applications that provide superb service. I am proficient in creating solutions with PHP, Python, and I am becoming proficient in Javascript. I develop and administrate in the Linux, Apache, MySQL environment, and I am experienced using ExpressionEngine, a superbly secure CMS. I think VSCode is a really wonderful code editor.

I am insatiably curious, devoted to learning, never satisfied, and always looking to improve. I am especially interested in supporting inclusivity in computer science. I don't believe just anyone can be an expert computer scientist, but I do believe that anyone can be an expert computer scientist.

I have a special professional interest in games in education, and using games as powerful tools to create meaningful learning. I write about games at balanced gaming where I look for a discerned approach to using games in education. I haven't quite found the right permutation of this yet, but I'm still iterating.

I'm personally and professionally interested in sustainability including sustainability in energy, food and water. I am interested in camping and bushcraft. If you could bring 10 things into the wilderness with you, what would you bring, and why? I love games, and being a loving present father and husband. I have lived in Poland for 10 years, and have enjoyed it very much.

At My Office

You can find me at my office located at the American School of Warsaw..

I am at my office every day from 8:00 until 16:30 but you may consider a call to fix an appointment.