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My name is Bill MacKenty. I grew up on Martha's Vineyard, a beautifuland oppressively expensive little island off the coast of Massachusetts. I live in Warsaw, Poland where I teach high school computer science and software engineering.

Welcome to Digital Bill.

As a lifelong geek I enthusiastically share my passion, energy and expertise about programming and computers. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a kid "get it"Sadly, the obverse is also true.. I've served as a senior leader in educational technology and worked for many years in educational technology. What really floats my boat is teaching and codingI am insatiably curious, always learning and exploring....

The very best way to learn computing is to solve authentic problems at the right level of challenge. There is a joy in solving hard problems. My students have said my classes are "difficult and fun"; this is my pedagogical target-space. The best way we can spend time is class is to clarify a concept and then practice the concept. Much direct learning can be done outside of the classroom. Informal, video-based learning is how much learning happens now. The best assessment reflects authentic engagement with problems; this type of assessment doesn't end with a 1 to a 7, but rather a nuanced view to what extent a student understands computing. I like nuanceNot sure how much university admission departments appreciate nuance....

I am a committed advocate of open source. I deeply believe in its power to foster collaboration, innovation, and accessibility, making technology more equitable and beneficial for everyone. I don't do well when data is hoarded, protected, and kept away; especially in educational contexts.

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