Academic Positions

  • Present 2016

    MYP Design Teacher

    American School of Warsaw

  • Present 2015

    IB Computer Science Teacher

    American School of Warsaw

  • 2015 2010

    Director of Technology

    American School of Warsaw

  • 2010 2006

    Instructional Designer

    Hunter College Campus Schools

  • 2006 2001

    Computer Science Teacher

    Edgartown School

Education & Training

  • IB MYP Design category 1 2016

    MYP Category 1 certificate training for design


  • IB DP computer science category 1 2016

    IB Diploma Program Computer Science category 1 training


  • Teaching CS50 2015

    Led by CS50 staff, I learned how to teach CS50 computer science


  • ITIL - Managing technology 2014

    Service operations and ITIL foundations


  • Prince 2 2013

    Managing projects with PRINCE 2


  • Leadership and Administration 2009

    School Administrator Certificate

    Hunter College, City Univeristy of New York

  • Instructional Technology 2005

    Certificate in Educational Technology

    Northeastern University

  • M.Ed.1998

    Master of Education

    Keene State College

  • B.A.1992

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History

    Franklin Pierce University

Of Note

  • 2019
    Everyone should be making games presentation
    I recently had the privilege of presenting at Central and Eastern European School Association (CEESA). My topic was "everyone should be making computer games". The presentation slides I used for this 45 minute presentation are here
  • 2016
    Developed and taught IB Computer Science
    Continued to grow the computer science program at ASW. Built an additional entry-level course "designing solutions through programming" for 9th and 10th graders. Substantially added content and learning experiences for students on All students were exposed to industry-leading tools and practices such as the bootstrap framework and working on the Linux command line (really).
  • 2015
    Designed and taught K-12 computer science curriculum
    Based on the Computer Science Teachers Association curriculum framework, I designed and built a comprehensive currciulum. The course orbits around five big strands: computational thinking, computing practice, collaboration, computers and communications devices, and community and global ethics. Using Python as our central language (but dabbling in others) students built skill and knowledge as beginning computer scientists.
  • 2014-2015
    Professional Development Request System
    Designed and built a web application which manages professional development requests. The system emails relevant parties when a request has been created, updated, approved, or returned. Allows tracking and better facilitation of professional development requests. Built the system using Expression Engine and a LAMP stack. External customers of this system were happy with the savings in time.
  • 2012-2013
    Technology Coach Evaluation
    How do we know technology coaches are doing a good job? This isn't a trivial or meangingless question. Because technology is often poorly understood (and managed) in schools, getting this answer right is important. In this project we answered the question "what does a good technology coach know and do". Our school never fully adopted these guidelines but I am very pleased with the collaborative work we did to create this instrument. I think it is a light of clarity in the oft murkey waters of technology in education.
  • 2010 - 2014
    Major system transitions to OS X / google / powerschool
    I collaboratively led the drive to powerschool, OS X and google applications. Fortunately, I was surrounded by great people with great skills. All three of these changes made our school a better place. Now, new systems do not a better school make. But the effort into managing the "technology-as-service" was well worth it; these systems are supporting student learning.