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How much is a place?

Posted in Blogging Writing on 22 - June 2024 at 10:02 AM (3 weeks ago). 69 views.

The Quantara Nexus lay within a very interesting intersection which isn't really an intersection...

Waves of energy gently lap at the edge of the Nexus, creating a soothing rhythmic sound. The first sun-like star moves quickly across the sky, changing colors and hues as it does. The edge of the Nexus fades and unbecomes and becomes. Light is an especially precarious situation, as it bends, fades, brightens and dims, all at the same time.

Further away from the edge a certain stability manifests. Hundreds of different energies which push and pull at each other seem to lock and freeze in a ephemeral stasis. In this stability, surrounded by a maelstrom of energies, lay the Quantara Nexus.

Denziens of the Quantara Nexus move with a specific, careful cadence. Steps are measured and often involve intricate patterns For some, this movement might be interpreted as a dance but each to their own music, and some to none. . Master Elara Tahn slowly walks along a major street; every 3rd step she taps the road with her right toe. She is about to enter one of the many archives when she glances up, an unexpected movement catching her eye. She gasps sharply.

Above the Nexus, a starship becomes visible. The dark black hull shifts and moves, as if alive. Aside from the normal ebb and flux of energies the ship silently, slowly rotates in a circle. Elara adjusts her gaze and shifts her feet, and adjusts her shoulders; grounding herself. She traces an intricate pattern with her hands and as she does feels the ether move around her (much faster here than other places, she thinks).

In an instant four heavily armed and armoured solders materalize around her, holding weapons at the ready. One of the solders, with evidence of rank, says in a commanding voice "Elara Tahn, you will come with us." He moves his finger onto the trigger of his weapon.

Elara relaxes her shoulders and very slowly spreads her hands away from her chest, maintaining a ball-like shape with her fingers. "And who orders, and under what authority do such commands come?" she asks in a steady voice.

In an instant the solders fire their weapons. Arcs of light from two of the weapons and kinetic projectiles from the other two weapons hit Elara squarely in the chest. She gasps, falls to her knees and clutches a pendant around her neck. Her last action before losing consciousness was to touch both her thumbs to her middle fingers. A flash of ether burst around her and streaks into the sky.