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Primitive us, God-like tech. Part 1

Posted in Blogging Writing on 13 - May 2024 at 05:09 PM (2 weeks ago). 57 views.

As we evolve, everything that comes before stays. There are no "clean breaks" in human growth. That is the fucking problem...

The reptilian brain is structurally simple and focused on primal urges, it governs vital functions necessary for survival such as heart rate, breathing, and body temperature. Beyond these physiological roles, the reptilian brain is responsible for more instinctual behaviors linked to aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritualistic displays, which were critical for the survival and reproduction So much behavior can be attributes to sexual / reproductive mating rituals.... of early vertebrates.

In modern humans, the influence of the reptilian brain is evident in our automatic and subconscious reactions to stimuli. It plays a crucial role in scenarios that call for immediate, impulsive reactions, such as the fight-or-flight response when faced with danger. Despite the evolution of more sophisticated brain structures like the limbic system and the neocortex, which handle emotions and higher reasoning respectively, the reptilian brain's fundamental instincts still underpin much of human behavior, subtly influencing our decisions and actions in ways we are often unaware of.

Despite the meteoric rise of technology that grants us seemingly god-like powers—from reshaping genetics to creating artificial intelligence—the primal aspects of our nature, as embodied by the reptilian brain, continue to exert a significant influence on our behavior and development. These ancient impulses, etched deeply into our neural architecture, persist amidst the waves of digital and genetic transformations, reminding us that our evolutionary past remains a cornerstone of our identity. This is part 1 of an essay which argues that understanding this interplay between our primitive instincts and our advanced technological capabilities is essential for navigating the future, as it shapes not only individual choices but also the trajectory of society as a whole.