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The future of NATO

Posted in Blogging Update on 07 - July 2024 at 12:30 PM (6 days ago). 34 views.

An excellent opinion piece in the NYT by Farah Stockman on the future of the NATO alliance...

Article here (PDF / protection against linkrot here)

NATO should be more like a decentralized system, and Europe should be more capable militarily. I wonder if the advantages of a hegemonic power no longer work in today's world; that the interdependence of outside states, and smaller interdependent economies are better, or more advantageous systems.

Farah writes:

The United States simply can’t do everything everywhere all at once, by itself. The future requires well-armed, capable allies. The indispensable nation has to be a bit less indispensable.

I suspect the upcoming war of authoritarian vs democratic states will require regional power centers, capable of projecting force and deterring those who would take freedom away.