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The making…

Posted in Blogging Writing on 19 - May 2024 at 03:39 PM (3 weeks ago). 216 views.

The making, the building of a thing...

Nova Lumina is a prominent industrial shipyard located in the outer sectors of the Galactic Core. Known for its large-scale shipbuilding capabilities, extensive mineral extraction from asteroids, and a network of massive space elevators linking the shipyard to its planetary base, Nova Lumina stands as a key infrastructure hub.

The shipyard is a bustling hive of activity. Three massive ship hulls and a dozens smaller hulls are in various stages of construction. Massive scaffolding surrounds each hull, industrial works and manufacturing works are visible from tens of kilometers away. There are hundreds of ships moving around the shipyard.

Close to the power stations, within one of the many machine shops sits a branch of the gearwright guild. It hums with a busy cacophony and at the current moment, gearwrights are carefully assembling an especially complex part of a propulsion system. Large machines and robots work in an intricate and coordinated dance. Always working in pairs, the gearwrights work with careful precision and efficiency of movement.

Not far away from the gearwrights, in a differently lit area stands Sila Maren. She is staring at the propulsion system occasionally glancing at at a floating glowing ember-colored interface. "There!" she says and at once the activity near the propulsion system stops. The gearwrights hold their gaze towards her and the leader of them nods slightly. Sila walks towards the system and begins to move her hands in an intricate pattern and as she does a visible line of energy begins to weave around parts of the system. the energy flares brightly for a moments and then settles into the system. The gearwrights start to measure, with great care, aspects of the system. After some time Sila looks at the system and simply says "this is true", and the gearwrights resume their work.

Sila shifts her feet a bit, bends her knees slightly and adjusts her hips moving very slowly she begins to raise her hands from her waist to her shoulders, and then back again. She repeats this motion a few times and then goes back to more carefully studying the floating interface in front of her.