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As things go….

Posted in Blogging Writing on 17 - May 2024 at 10:08 PM (3 weeks ago). 127 views.

Far and away the easiest thing to do is be lazy and not give a shit. a retreat into the nothing...

Liora Kael couldn't be bothered to devote any attention to her phones nagging. Awash in paints and colors, she was immersed in a project to explore the relationship of self and other. "The only way to really see this, is with color", she thought to herself as her phone chimed again. She was paying careful attention to where the different colors intersected and met. She was looking at exploring how our sense of self meets and encounters the other. How they combine at the periphery.

She painted with etheric energies; a hue of blue and teal, and then a hue of something else. She often stopped, breathed and became very still. The smell of paint floated in the air, and the sound of birds singing could be heard through an open window. She watched the colors shift and change; she paid attention to the textures. She waited until there was something to tell her about the next part of what she had to make. This was, of course, part of the process, and part of the creation...the waiting and tension of decision.

Liora cursed under her breath and asked herself if all of this was worth it; her last three pieces barely registered with people she cared about most. Of course it was easy to sell to those who she didn't respect, but for those she looked up to, those she respected? this was her challenge.

Still, though, she continued to create...a connection and touching which made her feel oddly whole; a togethering within her that made her art....possible.

The awards on her wall spoke to her success and impact. Her ability to create.

"Sarah, can you please add a smidgen of holographic nanites to this teal mixture" she said quietly. Her assistant, a young woman responded "are you sure just a smidgen? Maybe a splash, or perhaps a bit"? Liora smiled. "Stop being a pain in my ass" she said with a smirk. Her assistant reached over to the teal paint and gently moved a vial around the paint. Although invisible to the naked eye, the nanites would begin to reproduce in the paint and react to specific energy frequencies, changing subtle aspects of the colors. "I've added the nanites - these are the same ones you used in your last exhibition." Liora gently stirred and poked the paint. "Thank you." she said, and continued her work.

She looked outside her window and it was dark, the birds stopped singing long ago. Her canvas comprised of two shifting figures, each reaching out for the other. The figures were incandescent, and their hands slowly moved in an opposite symmetry to each other. Liora felt her shoulders relax and she put down her brush. "Sarah, some tea please.". "No problem boss!". Not long thereafter the lovely smell of rooibos vanilla tea wafted through her studio. It was late, and Sarah looked down briefly at the floor. "I really need to rest, boss" she said. "of course, of course, sorry for keeping you so late, and thank you again for your help.". Sarah smiled and started gathering her bag, coat, and shoes.