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Helpful list of archetypes, courtesy of chatGPT

  • The Hero - Often the protagonist, who seeks to fulfill a necessary quest and typically exhibits bravery and self-sacrifice.
  • The Mentor - Provides guidance, training, and magical gifts to the hero. Represents wisdom and helps the hero to start their journey.
  • The Threshold Guardian - Tests the hero before they face great challenges. Can be a literal or metaphorical barrier to progress.
  • The Herald - Appears to announce the need for change or the onset of a quest. They push the hero towards the adventure.
  • The Shadow - Represents the darker force within or outside the hero that they must overcome. It often embodies their inner conflicts or the main antagonist.
  • The Trickster - Uses wit more than strength; challenges the status quo; often comedic, bringing lightness to a narrative but may have profound insights.
  • The Shapeshifter - Blurs the line between ally and enemy. Often keeps the hero guessing about their true intentions and loyalties.
  • The Ally - A companion who travels with the hero, supporting and aiding them in their quest.
  • The Orphan - Begins from a position of social or familial exclusion, seeking to belong or form connections. Often drives the narrative through empathy.
  • The Ruler - Symbolizes power and control; can be a leader or antagonist, shaping the direction and structure of the society within the story.
  • The Caregiver - Altruistic and nurturing, this archetype is often seen as the protector or the one who sacrifices for others. They provide physical or emotional support and healing.
  • The Rebel - Challenges authority or the status quo, often embodying revolution or transformation. This archetype is driven by a desire for change.
  • The Lover - Focuses on intimacy, romance, and passion. They seek harmony in relationships and are often driven by the desire for sensory pleasure or emotional fulfillment.
  • The Creator - Imaginative and visionary, this archetype is driven to create something enduring and meaningful, often an artist, writer, or inventor.
  • The Jester - Lives in the moment with full enjoyment, making others laugh, and often helps to see the absurdity of life's situations.
  • The Sage - Seeks truth and shares knowledge, often acting as a guide or advisor. This archetype values wisdom and insight.
  • The Innocent - Embodies purity, goodness, and optimism. Often naive, they seek happiness and do their best to avoid wrong.
  • The Explorer - Never happy with the status quo, always seeking to discover new things, places, or ideas. They are driven by a quest for a new experience.
  • The Magician - Wields significant power, often through knowledge of the universe's fundamental laws. They seek to transform or transcend ordinary experiences.
  • The Outlaw - A rebel archetype on the fringe of society. They don't just challenge authority but actively work against it, often living by their own moral code.
  • The Everyman - This archetype is relatable and reflects the normal person. They represent the common virtues and the collective normality of everyday life.
  • The Warrior - A champion, soldier, or fighter who represents strength, perseverance, and honor. They are focused on winning battles and overcoming obstacles.
  • The Martyr - Someone who suffers or sacrifices for a cause, often holding onto their beliefs or values in extreme conditions.
  • The Femme Fatale - A mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.
  • The Orphan/Regular Person - Seeks to fit in or join others on the journey; they represent the normal person thrown into extraordinary circumstances.
  • The Damsel - A character who is placed in distress and requires rescue. While often criticized for promoting a passive role for women, modern reinterpretations can show complexity and strength.
  • The Monster/Villain - Represents our darkest desires and can be a force of evil or simply misunderstood. They oppose the hero and reflect societal fears.
  • The Wise Fool - Exhibits wisdom and insight through what appears to be foolish or bizarre behavior, often seeing the truth when others do not.
  • The Seducer - Uses power through charisma and manipulation, drawing others into their web with charm and leading them astray.
  • The Patriarch/Matriarch - A family or group leader who exerts control and protection over a family or community, sometimes to the point of being oppressive.