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1st graders and South Park

Posted in Teaching Diary on 12 - February 2006 at 04:29 PM (18 years ago). 237 views.


So today I heard some 1st graders (7 years old) imitating some characters on South Park (and here). 

So the thing of it is, I enjoy watching South Park.  I think the show is satire, and regularly skewers issues that need it.  It’s a nice way to end a day (it’s usually on in the late evening).

It is, however, grossly innapropriate for younger children.  Without the ability to correctly discern fun from fact, kids may believe the behavior, language, and ideas of the characters are representative of normal and acceptable behavior (when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth, that\‘s one reason the show is funny).

I don’t advocate a strict “No South Park” policy; instead, I think a sensible approach to the show is in order.  Parents should talk with their kids about South Park.  Help them know and understand the difference,  and discern fact from fiction.  Discuss some of the ideas and provocative actions the show (regularly) hilights. 

What do you think?