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BoinxTV - I’m a fan

Posted in Educational Tech Design on 09 - July 2009 at 05:26 PM (14 years ago). 159 views.

I picked up a copy of BoinxTV when the last macheist was run.  I really like boinxTV - simple, intuitive, and especially good for teachers.

Video tells a good story, but only if it’s used well. A single camera, on a single person talking gets very boring very fast. However, with tickers, picture-in-picture (or video-in-video) the video becomes much better.

The advantage of well-made teaching videos are obvious.

1. You only need to make it once, and you can use it thousands of times
2. Your content is available anytime, anywhere
3. It is easy to share your videos with others
4. When uploaded to youtube, you incur no storage hit (typically the biggest problem in ed-tech for working with video)
5. Students can make videos easily - and more importantly, student organizations can make videos to keep the school community informed.

There is probably the same danger using boinxTV as powerpoint; kids will be tempted to fill it up with “glitz” and no content - this is easy to manage with a good rubric, though.

I’m looking forward to pushing this forward next year - I think we only need a few people to start sharing their videos, and everyone will become interested in it.