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Design changes finished

Posted in Personal on 06 - July 2007 at 08:50 PM (15 years ago). 8 views.

Hello everyone! I've finished the changes to my blog; I'm happy with the results - there are still some little things to take care of, but the heavy lifting is done. Here are the changes: 1) Removed the forums - nice feature, but no one was using them 2) Removed the wiki for the same reason 3) Upgraded to expression engine 1.6.0 4) Removed member area from sidebar - this blog is becoming slightly more didactic which makes sense as there is little community participation* 5) Added new sub-categories - look for more...I'd like to increase the number of categories by 20 6) Added a new section: text-based games - this has been a long time passion of mine, and I see no reason not to share it! 7) Changed the the CSS so it is uber-simple (go ahead and look) 8) Changed my Star Trek gallery a bit - I might troll around and look for some new images. 9) Changed the ed-tech section - the HOWTO's are no longer paginated, and the latest 25 ed-tech entries are visible 10) Changed the title of each story to smaller boldfacing - it looked wonky in Internet explorer (which renders more nicely than current version firefox, btw) 11) Ensured the site still validates. * I am considering starting a new community-based site which would focus on educational technology with a focus on games in education - I need to think about it a little more.