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Do you need more money? We need to win this thing!

Posted in Games in education on 05 - February 2010 at 06:15 PM (14 years ago). 300 views.

We are embarking on our first year in the FIRST (more) robotics program at our school.  Because we are a “rookie” team, we have been showered with help from people, organizations, and our alumni. FIRST is an expensive proposition for our school, and we have been truly, truly blessed with gifts from corporate organizations (yes, Credit Suise, we love you).

The activity is a case-study in experiential learning. The students are fantastically excited about this, and seeing their drive, passion, and energy is truly inspiring.  This project has, in many ways, “woken up” our students.  When a group of 17 year old kids get energized and focused, it is truly an amazing thing to behold.

Funny thing about alumni, though. When there is a competition, and school pride gets in the mix, they get excited. The quote above is real, and reminds me why I love being in education.