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Domains, hosts, and more!

Posted in Blogging News Personal on 11 - February 2011 at 05:01 AM (13 years ago). 332 views.

As my 3 regular readers (hi mom!) pointed out, my site was down for a few days due to an expired domain name. That’s fixed, but it’s time for some changes. has been around since 2003 and I’ve switched hosts, domain name providers, etc.,  many times. I’m consolidating my domain registries in linode. This will actually save me a little bit of money every year, and I am in love with linode (come on, a guy can pay $300 bucks a year for a backed-up, multi-continent IP failover solution?! SHWEET!).I spend a little more time doing system administration at the command line,. but I don’t mind that.

SO, I’ll transfer my domain over, switch hosts, and mirror the database for I’ve already got a mirror of this site setup, so it’s really just a question of transferring domains.  If I do everything right, ahem, your should notice virtually no downtime.

What could possibly go wrong?