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Gifted Education and Technology

Posted in Educational Tech Design Gifted on 09 - November 2007 at 07:52 PM (16 years ago). 221 views.

Gifted kids are different.

They score high on standardized tests, and show exceptional aptitude in music, arts, reading, writing, or mathematics. The instruction for these students is different - often very high level content with a focus on high-level understanding (not so much remembering details, but talking about the applicability and synthesis). For example, instead of naming all the nations in Asia, there might be a talk about why the nations are where they are. Often times, gifted programs are not beholden to bureaucratically imposed standards of instruction. 

I happen to work in a school serving these students, and I’d like to spend a few blog posts exploring technology use with these populations.

Technology is a means to an end


an end in itself

Gifted students should know how to use technology. This is a pretty good list.  So, in gifted education, there should be time for specific technology instruction. There should also be classes for computer science; programming, logic, etc…

Students should also use technology to enhance primary content. For example, if a math teacher is explaining symmetry of different geometric shapes, the students could use geometers sketchpad to create and manipulate these shapes - perhaps applying them to shapes they might encounter in real life.

These are 2 classic domains of technology in education; learning about technology and using technology to support primary content.. All schools should include technology in these 2 domains. However, what should be different in the gifted education realm?