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How about using the technology for the actual learning rather than just to demonstrate it afterwards

Posted in Educational Tech Design Support on 19 - October 2009 at 05:05 PM (14 years ago). 214 views.

This was a beautiful comment question to this blog entry  I’d like to respond to.

I am all for using technology to actually teach with tools like:

1. Interactive whiteboards (or projectors)
2. Multimedia (you tube, podcasts, pictures)
3. Click response systems
4. 1:1 laptop work
5. Science probes (Vernier stuff)
6. Math calculators

I note your asked about “learning” rather than “teaching” I see a difference between those.

Using technology to teach is trickier than using to assess kids because it’s harder to see if technology is making a difference. So if Mrs. Smith teaches a unit on Columbus, or decided to explore “ethics and morality” in the 1400’s, is teaching with technology better than her non-technology methodology? This isn’t a trite question.  It actually goes to the heart of technology in education - is teaching with technology making it better? I know that kids seems more motivated and enthusiastic than when they are using technology.  I know that kids can see and hear more with technology and I believe teachers are the ones who ultimately must make this decision.

This is why I wrote about assessment - it’s a bit easier to see a product that demonstrates understanding than the process of learning.

I personally believe technology is superior tool for learning. It is, of course, a disruptive thing, as the students are leading the learning.