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I like the cloud - sort of.

Posted in Educational Tech Design platform Support on 16 - July 2009 at 06:48 PM (15 years ago). 221 views.

As a point of practice in educational technology, I believe web-based (and cloud computing) is the way to go.  Why?

1. I don’t have to pay for software on every computer
2. I don’t have to worry about compatibility - only web browsers
3. I don’t have to deal with server maintenance and expensive server licenses (oracle, microsoft, cisco, yadda yadda)
4. I get best-of-class features
5. I get “any time, any where” computing
6. I can focus my limited resources on strengthening my network, such as building in redundancy.
7. Most cloud services can authenticate through my LDAP services (usually AD)

...but this is the stuff most schools need to manage in-house:

3. Student Information System (but it needs to be web-accessible)
4. Maybe a fileserver (if it’s also web-accessible)
5. Imaging server (cloning)
6. Library system
7. Print server
8. VOIP server
9. Wireless network stuff
10. Hard-wired network stuff

That leaves for hosted / cloudy solutions: 

1. Email
2. Groupware stuff (shared documents, calendars, etc..)
3. School website / school CMS
4. Guidance / college system (ala naviance)
5. Learning Management System (moodle)
6. Large group email distribution systems (we use net directories
7. Project management (like 37 signals)

So, basically, hosted solutions / cloudy solutions saves me time and money. For the time I save in dealing with SPAM, google is worth it’s weight in gold.  But I’m still up to my neck in IT systems. Heh.