Bill MacKenty


Interesting article and online discussion about “teaching computers”

Posted in Educational Tech Design Leadership on 29 - April 2014 at 10:23 AM (8 years ago). 20 views.

Hello Readers! [url=][/url] An interesting read that discusses different cultures between programmers and users. If anything, this article helps me remember the "spotify" world students live in today makes teaching computer science more of a cultural challenge. I originally found this link in a very interesting online discussion about programming education making a comeback in primary education. I am becoming more interested in the Computer Science Teachers Association efforts to teach computational thinking in schools (ISTE also has some excellent resources on the same topic: computational thinking). As I reflect on what kind of technology education schools should provide, these articles and resources just seem right. I am curious what you think about computational thinking and how K-12 schools should "teach technology".