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Know any good books on educational gaming?

Posted in Games in education on 31 - August 2006 at 05:44 AM (17 years ago). 217 views.


In reply to the above question, here’s my list so far.  Anyone have anything they’d like to add?

1) Theory of fun by Raph Koster
2) Anything by Mark Prensky
3) What video games have to teach us about
4) Anything by David Williamson Shaffer
5) I would also wamrly encourage you to check out: this link and poke around the “research” section.
6) There is also a seriousgames mailing list! click here It’s exceptional.
7) For a very thick book full of game theory (not math-game-theory) read Rules of Play by Salen and Zimmerman, It’s not directly related to your question but it’s sooooo gooood!!!
8) I also love Richard Bartle’s book, Designing Virtual Worlds - again, it’s not particularly targetted to educational gaming, but the ideas which it develops are outstanding.