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Posted in Educational Tech on 23 - February 2010 at 08:04 PM (14 years ago). 171 views.

I’ll be teaching parents about Naviance this Thursday.  This is one of those “college information nights” activities.  I’ll be teaching the parents how to use Naviance and get useful data.  The really neat thing about Naviance is acceptance history data.  So a parent could visit a college page, and quickly see how many students in our school applied to a particular school, and how many were accepted. 

Parents can also see average test scores - so we can see out of all the students who were accepted to a particular college, what was their test scores.  College information is quickly available, such as financial aid, demographic information, etc…

Naviance is a great resource, and allows parents and students to make data-based, informed decisions. I am a system administrator for our Naviance instance, and I love it - that it is a hosted web service just makes me even happier.

I’m not a shill, but I see how useful Naviance is for my school and parents.