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Net Restore and niceness

Posted in Educational Tech Design platform Support on 22 - May 2008 at 03:58 PM (16 years ago). 240 views.


Mike Bombich really deserves the Nobel Prize in being an amazingly helpful human being.

Our elementary school received some new laptops, and I was creating an asr-ready image.  I was using net restore to create the image and it worked beautifully. Once I was done, I was able to quickly churn out 3 laptops in under 30 minutes. In the future, when we get new laptops, I’ll be able to quickly image them without any hassle. This saves my school time and money, and it saves me precious time. To make it even better, I can serve these images and net boot my client machines.

Creating an image is a time-intensive process. I was browsing through the forums at Bombich’s site and was so impressed by the communities responsiveness and his long time commitment to these tools. Mike doesn’t charge money (but he has a tip jar) - and as a result of his hard work, I have more time to work with my faculty. Today I’ll be helping a French teacher with iMovie, and then an industrial arts teacher with claymation software. I couldn’t do that if I was sitting around trying to update a bunch of computers.

Thanks Mike.