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Really impressive comment spam here!

Posted in Blogging on 11 - April 2009 at 12:47 AM (15 years ago). 256 views.

Hello folks.

I talk about educational technology stuff. I’ve been getting really well crafted comment spam! I don’t think this is human, but the comment is appropriate to the article, and always includes a link to personal injury lawyers.


  I agree that both formal and informal use of video games have a positive effect on the human brain.  Logic and reasoning are the primary brain functions used solve problems in video games, and stimulating these areas is beneficial for their use in other “real world” issues.  I agree that formal use could be more effective.

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Has anyone else seen this? I am being targeted by humans or this just a really good bot? All my open stories have at least one of these type of comments.  link to forum discussion here