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repost: Do Teachers REALLY Come From The Bottom Third Of Colleges…...

Posted in Blogging Teaching Diary on 16 - November 2009 at 03:48 PM (14 years ago). 289 views.

I don’t normally repost, but there is a nice piece from Larry Ferlazzo taking on “those who can’t, teach” thinking. .  It’s nice to see how he picked apart this dubious claim, and his research trail.  He asks for help, saying:

“...I’d love for a math person to examine the numbers on page 91 of the report on the Condition of Education 2002 to tell me what it really says in plain English…”

Here is the Condition of Education 2002 report (PDF) and here is the graph on page 91 and 92


I shared this blog post with my colleagues, all who said “what the hell does SAT and ACT scores have to do with good teaching?” Indeed, that.