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Tech Coaching vs Tech Coordination

Posted in Educational Tech Leadership on 13 - December 2013 at 10:40 AM (10 years ago). 194 views.

It boils down to nouns vs verbs. An integrator is more centered around nouns (specific stuff that blinks). A coach is more centered around verbs (teacher instructional practice and student learning).

For example, an integrator makes sure that active board functions properly, and the teacher knows how to use the board. A coach works with teachers how to differentiate instruction using the activeboard.

Another example, a math coach does not come in with math worksheets and leave. Nor does a reading coach bring in books and leave. They are intimately connected with supporting student learning by coaching and developing teacher competencies.

Instructional coaches are different than technology coaches. A technology coach is concerned with learning, teaching and the cognitive tool of technology.

An instructional coach look more holistically at student learning and the instructional practice.

There is management of technology resources in both the coaching model and the coordination model.