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(technical) Oh goodness, I’m using PERL.

Posted in Blogging Educational Tech Personal on 29 - January 2011 at 04:32 PM (13 years ago). 294 views.

This is a technical post - geek level 5.

Perl is a programming language. It’s a scripting language, as opposed to a compiled language. I first used perl about 15 years ago, playing with cgi-bin and other curious things. I dropped perl in favor of PHP, and usually use bash for my shell scripting (I haven’t scripted in years, but since I found linode, I’ve been scripting a bit more - I love it)

So I’m in a small tiff with my ISP.  They are horrible (dropped internet connections) , and I need proof. Enter perl, and this especially yummy script.  I hadn’t thought of using http requests, I was just going to write something that pinged, and appended the result to a logfile. This is cleaner, and the variety of hosts is a good thought.