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Text based games in an after school program

Posted in Games in education Text-based gaming on 22 - June 2008 at 04:13 PM (14 years ago). 53 views.

I'll be running an after-school class in text-based games next year (starting September 2008). I'm quite excited about it, and there seems to be interest from many in the school community. I've developed a tentative outline, and I have begun reaching out to others in the text-based gaming community to get some ideas and feedback. I'll keep track of my progress here on my blog, and I'm really looking forward to running this class. The class would last an entire school year (September through June), meeting once a week. So we would be looking at about 30 class meeting times (probably more like 20 with interruptions and field trips). I have thought about this a bit, and here's my basic outline: Text based games The classics: play part of Adventure play part of zork I play a multiplayer text based game (but this is tricky as they will all be minors) MUDS Talk about different code bases Play some muds: fantasy science fiction popular fiction building build a mud using (mud code base 1) build a mud using (mud code base 2) interviewing a mud builder interviewing a mud creator MUSHES Talk about different mushes Play some MUSHES: fantasy science fiction popular fiction building Build a mush using the pennmush server MUXes playing muxes playing a Battle tech mux Interactive fiction The big difference in interactive fiction and MU*'s playing IF: play some games designing IF using Inform 7 Puzzles: what makes a puzzle fun? Good writing How to write a good story How to write a good bad guy General game skills How to run a TP (tiny plot, from the mu* world) Coded systems versus free form RP