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The doubt of the cloud

Posted in Educational Tech Design Support on 25 - September 2009 at 03:57 PM (14 years ago). 220 views.

I’m a strong advocate of google and cloud-based services. I wrote an entry about my feelings of cloud-based services here

Recently, there have been some high-profile outages with google applications which naturally raise doubts and uncertainty about cloud-based services.  At our school, we are debating moving to google apps for education, which makes the outages poignant. 

I am still a believer, and when compared to our email server uptime, google seems to hold it’s own. I believe google offers best-of-class services that genuinely work in education, save time, and help “the mission” in schools around the world.

However, I think these latest events serve as a necessary humbling reminder that google is just another technology - susceptible to all the foibles, problems, and issues of technology anywhere.