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Thou shalt not use stuff the Wrong Way

Posted in Educational Tech Design on 15 - July 2009 at 06:48 PM (15 years ago). 210 views.

Powerschool is a student information system (SIS). It makes administrating your school easier. Part of powerschool is something called power teacher.  Powerteacher is web-based gradebook, that looks like it doesn’t completely suck.

Moodle is a learning management system. Moodle is designed to support online learning, blended learning and stuff like that. Moodle also has a gradebook, which looks like IT doesn’t suck.


The easy thing about powerschool (and powerteacher) is your students, teachers, and courses are all linked together, in one big happy family. However, powerteacher isn’t a learning management system. It’s a good gradebook.  We shouldn’t use moodle as a student information system, and we shouldn’t use powerteacher as a learning management system.