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virtual private servers: an update

Posted in Blogging Linux on 25 - January 2010 at 12:24 AM (14 years ago). 334 views.

I asked about virtual private servers a few days ago, and after some consideration, I decided to go with Linode.  All I can say is, wow! I have:

1. identical copies of all my web projects in one place
2. perfect development and testing sandboxes
3. full root access
4. a dedicated IP address
5. 6 databases
6. full suite of testing and development tools (I was using gcc 15 minutes after partitioning my server!)
7. all the different packages I want to use online
8. ubuntu 9.10
9. command line administration

This is a great deal! I’ve become reacquainted with bash, and now I just need to setup a backup system (simple cron and rsync, really)

Thanks to Tom Hoffman for the idea to try linode.  The nice thing about this is the high control and functionality I get for the low price. I’ll be transferring DNS over soon, and soon all my hosting services will be run from this virtual instance. I’ll probably get another slice (and backup to it) and use it for development stuff.  I’m convinced.