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What goes in the image?

Posted in Educational Tech Design platform on 12 - August 2009 at 04:15 PM (14 years ago). 228 views.

I’m pushing the elementary school image out today to about 120 OS X laptops.  I used to do this with a firewire drive on each freaking laptop.  We bought a mac mini and installed OS X server on it.  Now I can use OS X system imaging tools, and push the image out to all the laptops over a local network.  I should finish all 120 laptops today. 

So, in the interest of helping me remember for next year, and sharing my default image settings:

1. Latest version of OS X - patched up
2. Norton Anti Virus - setup for mount scans and latest virus definitions
3. Firefox
4. Flash and shockwave installed and tested for safari and firefox
5. Inspiration
6. Timeliner
7. Sharing preferences setup for Remote Desktop
8. All printers installed and tested
9. All shared resources (fileservers) loaded and bookmarked
10. Disable damned dashboard
11. Office (don’t install messenger) - patched up
12. VLC
13. Google earth
14. All browsers should have homepage changed and favorites added
15. flip4mac
16. Mavis Beacon Teaches Touch Typing
17. Smartboard drivers and Notebook - updated and patched
18. Configure student account - open all applications to make sure they work
19. Put common application in the dock
20. Disable bluetooth and adjust power-savings features in laptops

...I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but that is about what my image looks like this year!