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Why podiums or wireless LCD’s are better than plugging….

Posted in Educational Tech Smartboards on 25 - January 2010 at 07:15 PM (14 years ago). 170 views.

We have a lot of smartboards in our school.  Due to a lack of space, teachers are in different rooms almost every period. This means, in a 9 period day, teachers are plugging in and unplugging our VGA cables into their laptops. We also have a night school, so let us add a few more. 20 times a day, our VGA cables are being plugged in and out, that is 100 times a week, and 400 times a month - I suppose this is inevitable - look on the bottom row.


I suppose this sort of thing would be prevented by:

1. Wirelessly connecting to the LCD projectors
2. Setup podiums so everything is preconnected. 

As it stands, this little bent pin cost a Spanish teachers 20 minutes of class time. No fun.