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Posted in Games in education News on 09 - June 2006 at 11:04 PM (16 years ago). 48 views.

Hey folks! A new COTS games in education wiki is coming soon. I'm just putting this up to create a page where I'll add wiki help files. If you are very curious to see what an empty wiki looks like, go ahead and take a peek. I'm using textile formatting for the wiki. Basically, instead of using HTML (which isn't very friendly), we are using a way of formatting text. The best way to learn how to wiki, is to simply register, and then edit a page. You can see the editing I've used to make the wiki. Very straight-forward stuff. If you have many more questions, please let me know. Here's a list, taken from textile's site: Quick block modifiers: Header: hn. Blockquote: bq. Footnote: fnn. Numeric list: # Bulleted list: * Quick phrase modifiers: _emphasis_ *strong* ??citation?? -deleted text- +inserted text+ ^superscript^ ~subscript~ %span% To apply attributes: (class) (#id) {style} [language] To align blocks: < right > left = center <> justify To insert a table: |a|table|row| |a|table|row| To insert a link: "linktext":url To insert an image: !imageurl! To define an acronym: ABC(Always Be Closing) To reference a footnote: [n] So, if you wanted something to be strong, you would type it like this: *I want this to be strong* Pretty easy, huh?